What is Small Together Now?

A personal website that serves as a guide to immediate and effective ways to support democracy.

Democracy is fundamentally built on individual participation. It's only for the people when it's by the people. One of the most rewarding ways to participate beyond your vote is helping other people participate, too.

The actions outlined here are not a substitute for getting involved with your local grassroots organizations, but if you're feeling overwhelmed by the shrinking timeline or the stakes of this election, hopefully this helps.

Why is this important?

A fair, functioning democracy simply means the government is accountable to us, the people.

Yet the voice and will of the people is, increasingly, being suppressed. This includes voter intimidation, closing polling locations leading to extreme waiting times primarily in predominantly Black communities, undermining confidence in proven voting methods, requiring people who have completed a sentence to pay to regain access to vote, manipulating voting districts to favor one party, and protecting wealthy and corporate political donations that drown out the voice of the people.

Small, personal, collective participation can fundamentally restore the spirit and structure of our democracy.

How will these actions support democracy in the U.S.?

This election, we’re single-issue voters, and our issue is democracy. Our mission is to ensure the power over our systems rests in the hands of the people.

Ultimately, fully realizing the promise of democracy in the United States will require structural changes to the Senate, Electoral College, media industry, Election Day policies, and Supreme Court. Many of these reforms have bipartisan support.

It will also require a cultural shift from the very roots of America’s intersecting mythologies: the American Dream, unconstrained individualism, prosperity gospel, American innocence, and our resulting hero complex.

In the 2020 election, unfortunately there is only one party that supports implementing a fair, inclusive democracy and voting process.

Flipping majority control of all three of the following power structures is necessary for the will of the people to determine our future:

1. Win the presidency to restore confidence in our democratic process.

2. Win the senate to hold the executive branch accountable and confirm fair judicial appointments.

3. Win more State Legislature majorities to enact fair voting districts and voter rights.

What do I get if I complete all the actions on this site?

A free and fair democracy that's accountable to the people. : )

Let's break voter turnout records together.

Send an email any time to hello@smalltogethernow.com. : )

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